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I have participated in the Body By Berle Diet Coach program for 6 weeks and in that time I have lost 12 pounds.  Like many people, I have tried and failed in the past to lose weight and keep it off.  I think that the reason I am achieving results this time is due to the daily reporting that's required.  By journalizing my eating habits and emailing it on a daily basis, I have to be accountable for everything I eat.  I receive feedback daily and I have become more conscious of the bad carbs I was eating.   I am also more aware to avoid mindless eating and trying to compensate for any mistakes made.  Another thing that has helped me are the workouts where we can discuss my progress further.  I have a way to go before I reach my goal weight , but I have  no doubt that I will continue to enjoy success on this program.   Sam R..



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I started on the Body by Berle Diet Coach Program at the beginning of the year and I’m delighted to share that I’ve lost 25 pounds so far.  It was slow going at first, but with Jeff’s daily support and guidance, I stuck with it and am absolutely thrilled with the results.  I’ve been on plenty of diets in the past, and for some reason, this plan just clicked with me.  It’s really a very livable way of eating - I’m never hungry, and with Jeff’s help, I’ve learned how to eat out and still stick to the plan.  I completely amazed myself when I went on a 7-day cruise and came back 2 ½ pounds lighter!  Every once in a while, I do go off the plan, but it hasn’t derailed my weight loss at all … Jeff says it’s because I’m now a fat burner.  I’m no longer working with Jeff on a daily basis, but I continue to work out at BBB twice a week, journal on my own, and eat as Jeff taught me.  Once I hit my goal, I plan on working with Jeff again to guide me into maintenance.  Thank you Jeff !!!     Amy W.

When I started this program two months ago, I weighed 150 lbs. and was a size 12. Today I weigh 139 lbs & size 6 is loose on me.  Through Jeff's guidance I have learned a lot about the benefits of making healthy dietary choices and its effects on my body and mind. I can definitely feel the difference mentally and physically.  He knows exactly what will work for you, and I mean you personally, not a program that's based on someone else's lifestyle but your personalized plan.  Jeff offers you an honest and personalized plan that will suit your needs and lifestyle.  Most of all he cares about you and your health.  It's not everyday that you come across someone who is as knowledgeable and caring as Jeff, my nutritional adviser.  Izabella K.

Now you can be successful at losing weight fast and keeping it off naturally with your own Personal Diet Coach Program.  Fast weight loss and quick belly fat loss can be easier than you thought possible.

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Body By Berle Personal Diet Coaches support clients to achieve their diet goals.  We assist men, women, teens and seniors to reach their objectives and transform their bodies forever through accomplishing new healthy natural eating lifestyle based on science.  Watching your waistline while gaining knowledge will guide your body into good shape.  Your body will become a fat burner yielding loss of belly fat and weight and better overall health. 

Body By Berle Personal Diet Coach Program can be utilized anywhere in the US - in the comfort of your home.  Following our Paleo diet plan along with your diet journals analyzed by one of our Diet Coaches will facilitate your personal diet victories.

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